My Little Pony Party

When I was little I loved the My Little Pony’s.  Now they’ve revamped it and my daughter loves it.  So, when she asked to have a Pony party I was more than excited to make it happen.  Her favorite pony is Pinkie Pie which is kind of perfect since she is the party pony.  Hope these ideas will help with your party.  Check out my Pinterest page.


I used Pinkie Pies Singing telegram from the episode “Party of One” with a few minor changes to fit my venue. Feel free to copy it to fit yours.



I found this link on YouTube/Pinterest which has all the songs from MLP seasons 1-4 and Equestria Girls!  Perfect soundtrack for the party.



1. Sweet Apple Acres – Apple slices & caramel cups, applesauce, apple juice boxes, and caramel apple pops



2.  Fluttershy’s Animal Picnic – Carrots, celery, cucumbers, snap peas, veggi dips, grapes, and strawberries

IMG_4301 IMG_4306


3. Sugar Cube Corner – rainbow candy, chocolate dipped Oreos, and cupcakes

IMG_4302 IMG_4307



1. Pony Ears Craft

Made from foam visors you can purchase from Oriental Trading or Amazon.  Decorate with self adhesive jewels and stickers.

IMG_4198 IMG_4195 IMG_4201IMG_4298


2. Get Your Cutie Mark

I purchased these body art cutie marks from Party City.


3. Rarity’s Fashion Boutique

We did hair chalk, glitter hairspray, and manicures.  I chose nail polish to represent all the different ponies.  Ridiculous I know, but the girls loved it.


4. Caramel Apple Bar

IMG_4293 IMG_4370


Goody Boxes – Too Many Pinkie Pies

made with gable boxes I purchased from Oriental Trading.  I would have preferred light pink boxes but that color is hard to find for a reasonable price.  These boxes were definitely a labor of love.  Lots of cutting and pasting.

IMG_4344 IMG_4333 IMG_4332

Here is the gif for the cutouts.

Pinkie box

What’s inside?

Spike – You’re a Gem (Ring)

Princess Luna – When the moon is bright use this light (glow bracelet)

Princess Celestia – Friendship is Magic (unicorn pop)

Rainbow Dash – Thanks for making my party 20% cooler (rainbow glasses)

Twilight Sparkle – This is my book and I’m gonna read it (bookmark)



Super Hero Party

IMG_3424 I don’t know if I mentioned that my youngest is really into super heroes.  Captain America is her favorite and she has been looking forward to her super hero party for months,  while I have been planning it for months.  Decorations, favors, games, the cake… Where to even start?!  There are so many great ideas out there and I used a lot of them.

IMG_3418 IMG_3447 IMG_3434 IMG_3414Ok, so capes.  Something every Super Hero party needs (even though Edna says, “No, capes!”)   IMG_3421I purchased the capes from they are always having sales and offer free shipping after a certain amount is spent.  Once I had the capes I purchased yellow felt and double sided iron on from the craft store.  Simply follow the directions given by the iron on and voila!

001 006 007

For the ever important masks to hide their identities, I went through Oriental Trading. There are many mask options out there. I wanted to sew felt ones but I didn’t have the time.  These foam ones were fabulous, inexpensive, easy to put together, and the kids loved them.

IMG_1450 0614141253b

Games and prizes! I had a crazy idea to have super hero games and well, I think the kids really enjoyed it. They went nuts and I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted of the games being played.  I had a lot of family in town so they helped by manning a station.


Captain America Shield Throw

002 003 005

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on actual shields to throw so this was my solution.  I found red Frisbees at Pet Smart for $.99 each SCORE!!! Then I used my Cricut to cut out circles and stars (you could cut out by hand easily).  The circles were 6.5″, 5.25″,4.25″. Then I glued the paper layers together before I mod podged it onto the Frisbees.  Turned out better than I thought it would. I bought a hula hoop at the dollar store and the game was ready.

Hulk Smash


I am pretty proud of how this turned out. I purchased one of those display boards from Walmart for under $3, plastic cups, tissue paper, and a treat to put inside the cups. I started by tracing the top of the cup onto the board then I cut inside the line so the hole would be slightly smaller than the top of the cup.  That way when the cup is inserted into the hole the rim stops it from going all the way through.  Added some hot glue around the rim so the cups were sturdy, put in the candy, and closed it up by taping four layers of tissue paper so it was harder to punch through.


Diffuse Bombs

IMG_3467 IMG_3468

This game was very simple and inexpensive.  Black balloons and stickers.  I purchased the balloons for $.98 at Walmart and the stickers from Oriental Trading. Simply roll up the stickers to fit in balloon, blow it up, and done.  The game is to pop the balloon however you can.

Hawkeye’s Target Practice

IMG_0238 IMG_3470

This one was fun! I got one of those Nerf Rebelle bows (game and gift in one) had four balloons, taped pictures of villains on them, and anchored the balloons in the ground with a golf tee.

Wonder Woman’s Lasso

IMG_3460 IMG_3463

I had those swimming dive rings so I took the yellow one, of course, and tied rope to it.  The object is basically ring toss.  You can use liter bottles and tape villains to them but I had some cones and placed them on top of the villain pictures. It worked.

Now for the piece of resistance… the cake!  A couple friends and I made it (more my friends though)

IMG_3431 IMG_3429

I bought the little figurines ,Playskool Heroes, from Toys R Us.  They were perfect!  Cake only took about 10 hours to make, only.

Super fun party with super fun friends.


Mommy-To-“Bee” Shower

012    Throwing a baby shower is fun but when you start adding up decorations, favors, games, and food, it can be quite costly.  I had a limited budget and I am pretty proud of the results.

First, I found the cutest bee shower printables on Etsy by Prickly Press for $11.  Look at all the great stuff you can print!

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Party Package Printable DIY

Next, the favors.  I ended up spending $1.50 per favor which I felt was reasonable.

Boxes – Oriental Trading (found free shipping code)

Honey Dippers – Etsy by UHome Taste

Ribbon – Hobby Lobby 50% off 🙂

Bit O’ Honey – Dollar Tree (or if you have a Winco they have them in the bins)


Now for the games. I decided to ditch the games and go with a craft. Make a onesie! I thought it sounded fun and useful. I purchased the plain white onesie packs by Gerber which were $8 for a pack of five. These can be purchased at Target or Walmart. Also, Carters has onesie packets if you prefer their brand, though quite a bit more in cost. I collected sizes 0-3 months up to 18 months making a total of 20 onesies. This gave everyone a chance to make at least two.  In order to make these onesies you will need iron on applique, different (but coordinating) fabric choices, traceable templates.  I used the Cricut Doodlecharms cartridge mainly, but chose some designs from other cartridges I have in my collection to make the templates.


Oh wait, I did do a guessing game… sort of.  As guests arrived I had them stamp the date they thought baby would arrive.


So here is how the onesies turned out.  It was so fun to see how creative everyone was.  One guest put the design on the booty.  So cute.


Food! A very important part. I simply did a make your own sandwich with rolls and deli meat, cheese, condiments, chips, veggies, fruit salad, brownies, lemon cakes, and bottled water. I spent only $50 and change.


All in all this shower cost a whopping $150 approximately. Doesn’t have to cost a lot to throw a cute and fun shower.


Teacher Appreciation Summer Gift

It’s almost that time… SUMMER!  Teachers have worked hard teaching my littles all those things I have no patience to teach them myself, so I feel they deserve a little something. Well, a lot something, but I have a limited budget. I searched Pinterest, gleaned ideas, and this is what I came up with.

Tumbler – $1 each
Leis – $1 for three
Gum – $1 pack of four
Drink mixes – $1 pack of eight
Sunscreen – $3 each

All purchased from Dollar Tree, except the sunscreen. I stuffed everything inside the tumbler and added the following tag.


Easy to do, totally affordable, and the teachers loved it.  The lei was their favorite part.  Happy Summer everyone!





You’re Cutting the Cheese Wrong!


When my uncle told me this, I thought he was teasing.  I mean, how could I be cutting the cheese wrong? I have cut my fair share of cheese over the years, and I always got the job done just fine.   However, he was not teasing, and this information changed my life. I hope it changes yours too (unless this was just news to me).

For those of you reading this post in hopes for a tip or two on proper flatulation, sorry to disappoint.  Still, this is valuable information.

How? How can you cut cheese wrong?  Ready?  If you are touching your cheese with your bare hands, you are doing it all wrong, even if you just washed them. Have you ever thought “Man, a block of cheese is kinda spendy especially when it is moldy in like a week.” If you wear plastic gloves or gently peel back the cheese packaging and only hold on to that packaging while cutting or grating, your cheese will last for weeks.


Don’t believe me… test it. Make an experiment of it. Chop off a chunk of cheese and touch it, then store it as you normally would. I promise you, that piece of cheese will mold. This also goes for sticking your bare hands in the bag of pre-shredded cheese. Wear a glove or just shake it out.  You are welcome.

Hope you enjoy your next cheesy experience.

Remember: Don’t touch yo cheese, when you cut yo cheese, and it will save you some cheddar. 😉


Travel Planning – Websites and Apps


One of the many things on my bucket list is to travel. Like many others I’m sure. It is so amazing now how easy travel planning has become (I said planning, budgeting is a whole different topic) with things like uh, the internet and iphones. So without further explanation, here is what I discovered and I hope it makes things easier for you.

trip1. Trip Advisor

What I like
It is a great resource for reviews. You can get an idea of where you want to go almost anywhere in the world by reading what other travelers have said about sights, museums, restaurants, etc. Since you can connect it to social media outlets like Facebook you can also read what friends have said about places. All the information you need is provided for each venue (address, phone number, website, price range or cost of admission, etc.)You can also save favorites, add notes, and print out all the places you want to see. There is also an app for that. You can easily pull up your saved trip on your smartphone or device which is very convenient.

What it lacks
This was a great starting point, however, when I plan a trip I like having more of an itinerary.


2. Visit a City

What I like
This website provides you with a very detailed itinerary with options to choose an already prepared itinerary or to customize your own. If you choose one that is preplanned you can add your own things to it and even switch up the days. If you have the address to your hotel, you can add it and they will calculate travel time on your itinerary. For each venue on your itinerary it provides a suggested amount of time to spend at each location. Also, for each major location they provide all the information you need (address, phone number, cost of admission, hours of operation, and a map) This website is pretty simple to use and easy to navigate. You don’t need to have an account to use this service unless you want to save your trip and go back to it later. Otherwise, you can make your itinerary, send it to your email, and print it.

What it lacks
I wish there was an app for that, but alas, there is not. Also, there are very few locations available for making an itinerary,  just major cities, and London is one of them.


3. Tripomatic

What I like
There are a lot of places to choose from and they map it all. There is also an app for that. If you make a change on the computer it will change it on your smartphone and visa versa. If you need a print out, it is available and a very nice layout too. Website is easy to use and navigate. For each place on your itinerary all the needed information is provided (address, phone number, admission, hours of operation, and travel time between locations) You can also add your accommodations to calculate travel time.  Bonus: It counts down the days till your trip (not so necessary, but I love it anyway. It gets you all excited.)
What it lacks
I wish I could combine the detailed time oriented itinerary from Visit a City with the convenient and map oriented tripomatic. That would be stupendous.

I only have 4 days to spend in London (boo hoo, right?) but here is my itinerary if you would like to check it out for inspiration.  Being a little obsessive, I truly used all three websites to create the perfect travel plan…for me.  Hope this helps.




Happy Trails, Going Away Party

I had to quickly put together a going away party for some friends.  Couldn’t let them leave without feeling the love. I think it turned out great with such short notice.


The centerpieces were yellow roses in mason jars with a couple Texas flags, of course,
and cowboy boots, which were purchased at the thrift store, filled with fake wild flowers. I am sure if we had vases with real wild flowers inside the boots that would have looked amazing too.

boot bouquet

For fun I made ad libs as a way for the guests to write funny goodbye letters, keep people laughing and busy.

ad lib

Then like all parties now, I had to do a photo booth. This way I could give my friend fun photos to remember us by.

If you have a Cricut or Silhouette you can cut most of these shapes on your machine, if not, Google search the lips, mustaches, state shapes, etc. print, trace, and cut. Pinterest would probably have what you are looking for too. I also found some fun props at the party store like the cowboy hat, vest, and bandanas.