Teacher Appreciation Summer Gift

It’s almost that time… SUMMER!  Teachers have worked hard teaching my littles all those things I have no patience to teach them myself, so I feel they deserve a little something. Well, a lot something, but I have a limited budget. I searched Pinterest, gleaned ideas, and this is what I came up with.

Tumbler – $1 each
Leis – $1 for three
Gum – $1 pack of four
Drink mixes – $1 pack of eight
Sunscreen – $3 each

All purchased from Dollar Tree, except the sunscreen. I stuffed everything inside the tumbler and added the following tag.


Easy to do, totally affordable, and the teachers loved it.  The lei was their favorite part.  Happy Summer everyone!





Easter Table Runner Project

There is the most adorable Easter table runner floating around Pinterest. Here is the link giving all the how to’s.

I just had to make one myself. I found the burlap runner at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% coupon. Score! I used the Americana paint color, Raw Umber. This is the result.




I decided to leave the middle of the runner empty so I could put a center piece there. I felt that making the bunnies face each other was the best way to do that. I am happy with it. Super simple project. You know you wanna make one too.


Easter Pinterest Projects

I started having Pinterest Parties for friends and their friends as a way to motivate myself to complete projects inspired by my pins on Pinterest. What I love about having these parties, besides completing a project, is seeing how everyone seems to change it up and do their own thing making their projects their very own.

Project #1 Easter Blocks.


Easter Blocks

Made with a 2×4 cut in 6″, 5″, and 4″ pieces. The letters were made from the Opposites Attract Cricut cartridge but any font you have would probably look amazing too. The paint was purchased at Hobby Lobby but I believe the Americana brand can also be found at Michaels. The cost for this project per individual was $8


Easter paint colors

Poodleskirt Pink, Banana Cream, Pistachio Mint, Whispering Turquoise, and Purple Cow

Project #2 Bunny Block

Easter Bunny Block

Made with a 2×8 cut into 8″ squares. Love the size of this block! Will have to use it again in the future. The bunny is a Silhouette pattern and the font too. The cost for this project per individual was $3.

I wish I would have taken pictures of everyone’s projects so you could see how different they all were. Mental note; Do that at the next Pinterest Party.