Basketball Party

“They’re playin basketball, we love that basketball!”


Another year, another sport related party! Keepin things simple and on a budget. Hanging basketball lanterns can be found at Party City or Amazon.


(Thank you Dollar Tree for having such perfect items. Couldn’t have done it without you.) Found these Easter basket basketball hoops (unfortunately these are seasonal), foam basketballs, and water bottles all at the dollar store! Happy dance. I searched online clipart for the backboard template, printed it, and laminated them. Filled them with the kinds of snacks we parents provide at the end of a game for the team. You know what I’m talking about, the after game snack that becomes a competition for which parent brings the best snack; and the parent that wins, is the one that brings the not healthy stuff. Duh!


Wire baskets for snacks also a Dollar Tree find.

IMG_6328 (2)

Party game… Dunking challenge! Found this Pool Basketball Hoop on Amazon (comes with a basketball.)


Cake from Costco. I know, I know, so original… but they’re huge, delicious, and inexpensive.


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