Baseball Party

Hello, baseball fans! This is going to be one of the shortest party posts I’ve done. This party was planned around a very busy schedule and things just didn’t come together completely as planned. You can visit my Pinterest page to see all the ideas I found, but didn’t quite execute.  However, the kids had fun, so, SUCCESS!

I guess I’ll start with the cake. One word… Costco. Sooooo much cake.  This was by the seat of my pants moment.  I thought I would do cupcakes and then next thing you know… no time.  I did find the coolest DIY printable Wrigley Field stadium to put together. I’ve never glued something so fast in my life.  I didn’t want to put it directly on the caked because it would ruin the ink and paper so I strategically poked toothpicks through the bottom and secured with glue gun.


This party was in the summer so we had to do water balloons! Mix that with some baseball rules and a slip n slide and you’ve got one great game.  Water Balloon = Baseball Slip n’ Slide = Slide into home

I had all sorts of baseball goodies for these kids. Big League Chew (dollar tree), Baby Ruth candy bars, Cracker Jacks, Baseball suckers (Oriental Trading), those baseball helmets you used to be able to get at Baskin Robbins, I found on Ebay, and the cutest DIY leather baseball stitching bracelet (Oriental Trading). These are challenging to make but so perfect when they are done.


There you have it. PLAY BALL!!!!