Teacher Appreciation Summer Gift

It’s almost that time… SUMMER!  Teachers have worked hard teaching my littles all those things I have no patience to teach them myself, so I feel they deserve a little something. Well, a lot something, but I have a limited budget. I searched Pinterest, gleaned ideas, and this is what I came up with.

Tumbler – $1 each
Leis – $1 for three
Gum – $1 pack of four
Drink mixes – $1 pack of eight
Sunscreen – $3 each

All purchased from Dollar Tree, except the sunscreen. I stuffed everything inside the tumbler and added the following tag.


Easy to do, totally affordable, and the teachers loved it.  The lei was their favorite part.  Happy Summer everyone!





You’re Cutting the Cheese Wrong!


When my uncle told me this, I thought he was teasing.  I mean, how could I be cutting the cheese wrong? I have cut my fair share of cheese over the years, and I always got the job done just fine.   However, he was not teasing, and this information changed my life. I hope it changes yours too (unless this was just news to me).

For those of you reading this post in hopes for a tip or two on proper flatulation, sorry to disappoint.  Still, this is valuable information.

How? How can you cut cheese wrong?  Ready?  If you are touching your cheese with your bare hands, you are doing it all wrong, even if you just washed them. Have you ever thought “Man, a block of cheese is kinda spendy especially when it is moldy in like a week.” If you wear plastic gloves or gently peel back the cheese packaging and only hold on to that packaging while cutting or grating, your cheese will last for weeks.


Don’t believe me… test it. Make an experiment of it. Chop off a chunk of cheese and touch it, then store it as you normally would. I promise you, that piece of cheese will mold. This also goes for sticking your bare hands in the bag of pre-shredded cheese. Wear a glove or just shake it out.  You are welcome.

Hope you enjoy your next cheesy experience.

Remember: Don’t touch yo cheese, when you cut yo cheese, and it will save you some cheddar. 😉