Travel Planning – Websites and Apps


One of the many things on my bucket list is to travel. Like many others I’m sure. It is so amazing now how easy travel planning has become (I said planning, budgeting is a whole different topic) with things like uh, the internet and iphones. So without further explanation, here is what I discovered and I hope it makes things easier for you.

trip1. Trip Advisor

What I like
It is a great resource for reviews. You can get an idea of where you want to go almost anywhere in the world by reading what other travelers have said about sights, museums, restaurants, etc. Since you can connect it to social media outlets like Facebook you can also read what friends have said about places. All the information you need is provided for each venue (address, phone number, website, price range or cost of admission, etc.)You can also save favorites, add notes, and print out all the places you want to see. There is also an app for that. You can easily pull up your saved trip on your smartphone or device which is very convenient.

What it lacks
This was a great starting point, however, when I plan a trip I like having more of an itinerary.


2. Visit a City

What I like
This website provides you with a very detailed itinerary with options to choose an already prepared itinerary or to customize your own. If you choose one that is preplanned you can add your own things to it and even switch up the days. If you have the address to your hotel, you can add it and they will calculate travel time on your itinerary. For each venue on your itinerary it provides a suggested amount of time to spend at each location. Also, for each major location they provide all the information you need (address, phone number, cost of admission, hours of operation, and a map) This website is pretty simple to use and easy to navigate. You don’t need to have an account to use this service unless you want to save your trip and go back to it later. Otherwise, you can make your itinerary, send it to your email, and print it.

What it lacks
I wish there was an app for that, but alas, there is not. Also, there are very few locations available for making an itinerary,  just major cities, and London is one of them.


3. Tripomatic

What I like
There are a lot of places to choose from and they map it all. There is also an app for that. If you make a change on the computer it will change it on your smartphone and visa versa. If you need a print out, it is available and a very nice layout too. Website is easy to use and navigate. For each place on your itinerary all the needed information is provided (address, phone number, admission, hours of operation, and travel time between locations) You can also add your accommodations to calculate travel time.  Bonus: It counts down the days till your trip (not so necessary, but I love it anyway. It gets you all excited.)
What it lacks
I wish I could combine the detailed time oriented itinerary from Visit a City with the convenient and map oriented tripomatic. That would be stupendous.

I only have 4 days to spend in London (boo hoo, right?) but here is my itinerary if you would like to check it out for inspiration.  Being a little obsessive, I truly used all three websites to create the perfect travel plan…for me.  Hope this helps.




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