Happy Trails, Going Away Party

I had to quickly put together a going away party for some friends.  Couldn’t let them leave without feeling the love. I think it turned out great with such short notice.


The centerpieces were yellow roses in mason jars with a couple Texas flags, of course,
and cowboy boots, which were purchased at the thrift store, filled with fake wild flowers. I am sure if we had vases with real wild flowers inside the boots that would have looked amazing too.

boot bouquet

For fun I made ad libs as a way for the guests to write funny goodbye letters, keep people laughing and busy.

ad lib

Then like all parties now, I had to do a photo booth. This way I could give my friend fun photos to remember us by.

If you have a Cricut or Silhouette you can cut most of these shapes on your machine, if not, Google search the lips, mustaches, state shapes, etc. print, trace, and cut. Pinterest would probably have what you are looking for too. I also found some fun props at the party store like the cowboy hat, vest, and bandanas.



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