Basketball Party

“They’re playin basketball, we love that basketball!”


Another year, another sport related party! Keepin things simple and on a budget. Hanging basketball lanterns can be found at Party City or Amazon.


(Thank you Dollar Tree for having such perfect items. Couldn’t have done it without you.) Found these Easter basket basketball hoops (unfortunately these are seasonal), foam basketballs, and water bottles all at the dollar store! Happy dance. I searched online clipart for the backboard template, printed it, and laminated them. Filled them with the kinds of snacks we parents provide at the end of a game for the team. You know what I’m talking about, the after game snack that becomes a competition for which parent brings the best snack; and the parent that wins, is the one that brings the not healthy stuff. Duh!


Wire baskets for snacks also a Dollar Tree find.

IMG_6328 (2)

Party game… Dunking challenge! Found this Pool Basketball Hoop on Amazon (comes with a basketball.)


Cake from Costco. I know, I know, so original… but they’re huge, delicious, and inexpensive.


Thanks for stopping by. For more ideas, visit my Pinterest page which is where I gather all my party inspiration.

Drops of Awesome

I was put in charge of an activity for women during the month of May, Mother’s Day month. I wanted to do something that celebrated women on an individual level, not just a mom level, because this month can be difficult for many women for many reasons. I found this lesson based on a book called Drops of Awesome by Kathryn Thompson.

Click the lesson link above to read the whole thing. I then edited it to fit my needs (time mostly) and used a bee theme to decorate the room. Beecause bees make their own drops of awesome! Plus, if you read the provided lesson you’ll see how the bees fit in.I began the evening with an Escape room activity. What?! How did I do it? Easier than it sounds, and obviously I didn’t have all the resources to actually lock a room and all that. I stumbled upon a teacher who does these Escape room activities to teach children the power of mindful thinking. I chose which one I liked best, and for the sake of time, I separated everyone into 4 groups to solve a puzzle. I gave them 10 minutes to locate the room and complete their mission. When everyone returned, I had each group share what hardship their historical figure overcame and what they learned. Then I began reading the story. When I got to the object lesson portion of, Drops of Awesome, I passed out large quantities of Hershey’s Kisses. When they shared their drops of awesome they put a Kiss in their jars.I closed with the story of the bees and how in an individual bees life, they only contribute 1/12 of 1 tsp of honey, but how each drop counts. Afterwards, there was a cereal bar with Cheerios and Honeycomb as optionsūüėČprints used can be found here and here

I purchased jars at Walmart.

Honey Dippers on Amazon

Yellow Pom Pom flowers at Dollar Tree

Baseball Party

Hello, baseball fans! This is going to be one of the shortest party posts I’ve done. This party was planned around a very busy schedule and things just didn’t come together completely as planned. You can visit my Pinterest page to see all the ideas I found, but didn’t quite execute.¬† However, the kids had fun, so, SUCCESS!

I guess I’ll start with the cake. One word… Costco. Sooooo much cake.¬† This was by the seat of my pants moment.¬† I thought I would do cupcakes and then next thing you know… no time.¬† I did find the coolest DIY printable Wrigley Field stadium to put together. I’ve never glued something so fast in my life.¬† I didn’t want to put it directly on the caked because it would ruin the ink and paper so I strategically poked toothpicks through the bottom and secured with glue gun.


This party was in the summer so we had to do water balloons! Mix that with some baseball rules and a slip n slide and you’ve got one great game.¬† Water Balloon = Baseball Slip n’ Slide = Slide into home

I had all sorts of baseball goodies for these kids. Big League Chew (dollar tree), Baby Ruth candy bars, Cracker Jacks, Baseball suckers (Oriental Trading), those baseball helmets you used to be able to get at Baskin Robbins, I found on Ebay, and the cutest DIY leather baseball stitching bracelet (Oriental Trading). These are challenging to make but so perfect when they are done.


There you have it. PLAY BALL!!!!

Shopkins Party

Shopkins! Everywhere Shopkins!¬†A couple years ago¬†I said to¬†my girls, ¬†“I¬† will never buy those for you.” “Why?” they would ask. “Because they will just end up in my vacuum. What the heck do you do with them any way?”

Well, I’m eating my words. Shopkins are actually pretty cute and make an inexpensive incentive for whatever I’m trying to bribe my kids to do.img_1747

So, here are the details of the Shopkins party. The good news is Shopkins stuff is everywhere so there is no shortage of ideas out there. Check out my Pinterest page. Pinterest is always where a lot of my inspiration comes from. Also, go to the Shopkins World website. They have coloring pages, party stuff you can print up, and not to mention all the names and pictures of all the Shopkins.

Shopkins Bingo y’all was a hit! I found mine on Etsy for a couple of¬† bucks. I think if you just Google¬†“Shopkins Bingo”¬†there may be some free options instead of paying for the pdf¬†files. Once the girls got a bingo they were able to go to the punch board and get their prize, which was a 2 pack of Shopkins. I bought the packs at Walmart for $2.88 each (not my least expensive prize as a whole but the girls went bananas)¬† I found that if your local store doesn’t have them (because they sell out quickly) you can go to they are usually available there and sometimes at a discounted price even.

Punch Board Supplies:  Presentation board or large/tall box, plastic cups, tissue paper, hot glue, box cutter.

There are numerous instructions out there with different materials and methods. Do what works for you.


I had so much fun with the favors! Once again tons of ideas out there.

The gumball machines I found at Dollar Tree. YES! I got them for a dollar! The gumballs I found on $7.63 for a 3.3lb. bag of Dubble Bubble.

Shopkins bags were made from paper bags I also found at Dollar Tree. Printed up the tag below and pasted to the bags. I found some Shopkins stickers and let the girls decorate their bags.


Poppycorn! I had to do it. I just loved the idea. I found the popcorn boxes at Party City $.99 for five boxes. I printed up the Shopkins faces below, traced the popcorn boxes on white cardstock so I could get the size of the face, cut and paste. ADORABLE! Then of course add a bag of popcorn.


It’s true what they say, “Once you shop you can’t stop!” Have fun creating your perfect Shopkins party.

Paw Patrol Party

IMG_0529All paws on deck!!! It’s time to paw-ty.

I found a lot of puppy goodies at the Dollar Tree, Oriental Trading, and Party City. You can visit my Pinterest page for a few more party ideas.

One of my favorite party treats is candied popcorn.  It comes in almost every color/flavor that you would want and even adds to the décor.  If you are lucky enough to have a popcorn shop in your neighborhood go check it out but if not I ordered the popcorn from this Etsy shop;  Kettle and Craft.

No task is too big, no pup is too small!


Mermaid Party


“Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?”

Fun ideas for your Little Mermaid party. Check out my Pinterest page for even more ideas

First off I have to say it is really nice to have a Grandma that sews. She and a friend made all of the mermaid tail blankets from their own guesstimations and they turned out wonderfully. The girls were thrilled.

Oriental Trading had great items like the treasure boxes of all the thingamabobs and the  adhesive jewels to decorate the treasure boxes. I also found the fish netting and shell garland on their website.

The plastic shell case I found on Etsy.




Seahawk Football Party

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL! If you are a Seahawk fan like my five year old, or just need some ideas for your football party regardless of the team you root for, I hope I can provide some inspiration. As usual, a lot of my inspiration came from Pinterest.

IMG_5567If you are going to throw a football themed party you obviously need to incorporate your team’s colors.


I found blue, green, and silver Sixlets at and the football helmets at Party City. If you live in a different city/state than your team you will have to order the helmets online at


For an inexpensive back drop I purchased some black bulletin board paper, and with a white crayon, drew a football¬†play.¬† It kind of gave it a chalkboard look. Super simple and looks official.¬† Oh, The Party Zone, came from the” Life’s a Party” cricut cartridge.

IMG_5564 IMG_5566

If you are looking at the right time you can find some great football party stuff out there like the bags I found at Michael’s of all places.¬† For the favors I ordered some items from and

whistles, mini vinyl footballs, pompoms, and popcorn boxes

Another great item I found was at The Dollar Tree… finger football. The kids loved it.


Speaking of Etsy… that is where I found these adorable¬†(if you can say that about stuff relating to football) cupcake wrappers. AND on Etsy I found blue and green popcorn¬†and I am willing to bet if you asked they might have popcorn in your team colors too.

Good luck out there, and may the best team win ūüėČ


Christmas Crafts

I can’t believe how long it’s been since posting.¬† Just busy.¬† I am very behind posting this, since Christmas has past, but here it is now.¬† Had another Pinterest party and here’s what was made.

1. JOY ($15 – $20)

I found the wood letters and bell stand at JoAnns.  You can find similar wood letters at Michaels or Hobby Lobby but I liked the quality, size, and font of these.

001 (2)IMG_1810

Materials needed:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Large Sleigh Bell (I’ve had luck finding these at Kohl’s)
  • Craft Ribbon
  • Glue Gun
  • Cutting Board
  • X-Acto Knife
  • sand paper

– Sand wood letters and stand (didn’t need much sanding¬†the¬†wood was pretty smooth)

– Paint wood or leave natural

– Cut paper and Mod Podge to wood (here is a great tutorial )

РEmbellish your bell as much or as little as you desire (tutorial for making bows ) and hot glue to stand

2. Christmas Count Down Blocks (about $8)


Materials needed:

  • Wood Blocks ( 4×4, 2×6, 2×10)
  • Craft Paint
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Chalk
  • Vinyl Letters
  • Ribbon

My Little Pony Party

When I was little I loved the My Little Pony’s.¬† Now they’ve revamped it and my daughter loves it.¬† So, when she asked to have a Pony party I was more than excited to make it happen.¬† Her favorite pony is Pinkie Pie which is kind of perfect since she is the party pony.¬† Hope these ideas will help with your party.¬† Check out my Pinterest page.¬†


I used Pinkie Pies Singing telegram from the episode “Party of One” with a few minor changes to fit my venue.¬†Feel free to copy it to fit yours.



I found this link on YouTube/Pinterest which has all the songs from MLP seasons 1-4 and Equestria Girls!  Perfect soundtrack for the party.



1. Sweet Apple Acres – Apple slices & caramel cups, applesauce, apple juice boxes, and caramel apple pops



2.¬† Fluttershy’s Animal Picnic – Carrots, celery, cucumbers, snap peas,¬†veggi dips,¬†grapes, and strawberries

IMG_4301 IMG_4306


3. Sugar Cube Corner – rainbow candy, chocolate dipped Oreos, and cupcakes

IMG_4302 IMG_4307



1. Pony Ears Craft

Made from foam visors you can purchase from Oriental Trading or Amazon.  Decorate with self adhesive jewels and stickers.

IMG_4198 IMG_4195 IMG_4201IMG_4298


2. Get Your Cutie Mark

I purchased these body art cutie marks from Party City.


3. Rarity’s Fashion Boutique

We did hair chalk, glitter hairspray, and manicures.  I chose nail polish to represent all the different ponies.  Ridiculous I know, but the girls loved it.


4. Caramel Apple Bar

IMG_4293 IMG_4370


Goody Boxes – Too Many Pinkie Pies

made with gable boxes I purchased from Oriental Trading.  I would have preferred light pink boxes but that color is hard to find for a reasonable price.  These boxes were definitely a labor of love.  Lots of cutting and pasting.

IMG_4344 IMG_4333 IMG_4332

Here is the gif for the cutouts.

Pinkie box

What’s inside?

Spike – You’re a Gem (Ring)

Princess Luna – When the moon is bright use this light (glow bracelet)

Princess Celestia – Friendship is Magic (unicorn pop)

Rainbow Dash – Thanks for making my party 20% cooler (rainbow glasses)

Twilight Sparkle – This is my book and I’m gonna read it (bookmark)



Super Hero Party

IMG_3424 I don’t know if I mentioned that my youngest is really into super heroes.¬† Captain America is her favorite and she has been looking forward to her super hero party for months,¬† while I have been planning it for months.¬† Decorations, favors, games, the cake… Where to even start?!¬† There are so many great ideas out there and I used a lot of them.

IMG_3418 IMG_3447 IMG_3434 IMG_3414Ok, so capes.¬† Something every Super Hero party needs (even though Edna says, “No, capes!”)¬†¬† IMG_3421I purchased the capes from they are always having sales and offer free shipping¬†after a certain amount is¬†spent.¬† Once I had the capes I purchased yellow felt and¬†double sided iron on from the craft store.¬† Simply follow the directions given by the iron on and voila!

001 006 007

For the ever important masks to hide their identities,¬†I went through Oriental Trading.¬†There are many mask options out there. I wanted to sew felt ones¬†but I didn’t have the time.¬† These foam ones were fabulous, inexpensive, easy to put together, and the kids loved them.

IMG_1450 0614141253b

Games and prizes! I had a crazy idea to have super hero games and well, I think the kids really enjoyed it.¬†They went¬†nuts and I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted of the games being played.¬† I had a lot of family in town so they helped by manning a station.


Captain America Shield Throw

002 003 005

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on actual shields to throw¬†so this was my solution.¬† I found¬†red Frisbees at¬†Pet Smart for $.99 each SCORE!!! Then I used my Cricut to cut out¬†circles and stars (you could cut out by hand easily).¬† The circles were 6.5‚Ä≥, 5.25‚Ä≥,4.25‚Ä≥. Then I glued the paper layers together before I mod podged it onto the Frisbees.¬† Turned out better than I thought it would. I bought a hula hoop at the dollar store and the game was ready.

Hulk Smash


I am pretty proud of how this turned out. I purchased one of those display boards from Walmart for under $3, plastic cups, tissue paper, and a treat to put inside the cups. I started by tracing the top of the cup onto the board then I cut inside the line so the hole would be slightly smaller than the top of the cup.  That way when the cup is inserted into the hole the rim stops it from going all the way through.  Added some hot glue around the rim so the cups were sturdy, put in the candy, and closed it up by taping four layers of tissue paper so it was harder to punch through.


Diffuse Bombs

IMG_3467 IMG_3468

This game was very simple and inexpensive.  Black balloons and stickers.  I purchased the balloons for $.98 at Walmart and the stickers from Oriental Trading. Simply roll up the stickers to fit in balloon, blow it up, and done.  The game is to pop the balloon however you can.

Hawkeye’s Target Practice

IMG_0238 IMG_3470

This one was fun! I got one of those Nerf Rebelle bows (game and gift in one) had four balloons, taped pictures of villains on them, and anchored the balloons in the ground with a golf tee.

Wonder Woman’s Lasso

IMG_3460 IMG_3463

I had those swimming dive rings so I took the yellow one, of course, and tied rope to it.  The object is basically ring toss.  You can use liter bottles and tape villains to them but I had some cones and placed them on top of the villain pictures. It worked.

Now for the piece of resistance… the cake!¬† A couple friends and I made it (more my friends though)

IMG_3431 IMG_3429

I bought the little figurines ,Playskool Heroes, from Toys R Us.  They were perfect!  Cake only took about 10 hours to make, only.

Super fun party with super fun friends.